Saturday, February 16, 2008

Web Based POS

Are you looking for some business solutions?

A lot of companies online are offering solutions for businesses and establishments. They have a vast selection of services they can offer. One of these companies is MerchatOS.

MerchantOS is a company which developed the famous Merchant OS Point of Sale System. Point of sale system is composed of either a hardware and a software which are used to record transactions such as sales, credits, inventory entered into by the customer, merchandiser, or cashier. The type of POS Sytem provided by Merchant OS is a web-based application.

MerchantOS boasts of its easy to use software developed to provide a reliable alternative for expensive POS equipments. Using the web technology, sellers and managers can now easily take into account the business sales and revenues without the need of physically attending the transactions taken into by the business or by the establishment. The system also offers user control which is essential in giving authority over the access of the software.

If you are interested of trying the merchantos software, you may visit their website for a demo.


Karlo.A.Tablizo said...

Hi Batang Yagit,

Yes. I totally agree that web based POS is the future in the retail industry. I have heard of MerchantOS. A friend of mine recently stumbled into another web based POS that is FREE. They call it Imonggo. I am using it and it has great functionalities. Check out their website at

Sela Pervaz said...

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